The Story of our Rice

Arroz Dacsa - Arroz de Valencia


In 1968, the company Maicerías Españolas was founded as a family business, dedicated to the production of corn grits for the brewing industry, with the aim of becoming a European referent in its sector.

Arroz Dacsa - Rice From Valencia

During the year 1982 the company enters the rice sector creating the brand «Arroz Dacsa». From the scope of the family business, the creation of the Dacsa brand is of great importance to bring consumers closer to a deeply rooted tradition in Valencia as it is rice cultivation.


The name Dacsa, a translation of the word «maize» into Valencian language, is proposed as a way to combine two important concepts that define the roots of the company. These concepts are the clear allusion to the production of corn, so referent in its beginnings, and the use of the Valencian language, native language of its founders and of great importance in the region where its rice is grown.

Arroz Dacsa - Rice From Valencia

In the year 2000 and together with other companies in the sector, «Arroz Dacsa» founded the Rice From Valencia Denomination of Origin Regulatory Council, with the objective of generating an added value to rice grown in the Albufera Natural Park and guarantee the high quality of the product served to its consumers.

Arroz Dacsa - Rice From Valencia

Due to the constant effort of the brand to offer its consumers the best rice grown in Valencia, in year 2011 it becomes the first brand of rice to obtain the «Parcs Naturals» brand certification. In this way «Arroz Dacsa» unequivocally guarantees that its product is grown following the standards of quality and environmental protection that require all crops grown in a protected area such as the natural park of «La Albufera de Valencia»


Today «Arroz Dacsa» meets the highest quality standards and continues to offer an excellent native product of the highest quality due to its careful preparation in a grain by grain selection productive process, highly recommended for the elaboration of all traditional Valencian rice dishes.